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In recent years, we have received several high-quality awards for our services. By awarding the title of "Top Consultant", which we have won several times, a nationwide consultant benchmark confirms that we rank among the top addresses in management consulting in Germany. We are the “Preferred Supplier” for consultancy services at the Bosch Group and at Continental, and we have recently received the official "Hidden Champion of the Consulting Market" quality label in the fields of engineering and production.

Customer reviews make the difference

All the awards have in common that they are largely or, as with the “Preferred Supplier”, solely based on customer evaluations. We therefore recognize the awards as confirmation and as proof of the high quality of our services as well as the appreciation that is given to us by our customers in the project work on a daily basis.

The fact that we received these accolades in several competitions is both for us, acting as an incentive and setting a standard: we will continue to provide our consulting services with the highest quality and professionalism.