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Employee story

Employee story

Martin Geis has gone through almost all career stages at TMG. Since his start in January 1999, he has increasingly come to appreciate the consultancy firm.

Individualism at its best

Martin, why did you start at TMG?
I studied mechanical engineering with a focus on technology management and factory operation. It was clear to me that I did not want to pursue a classic engineering career, but wanted to help shape company processes and developments. At the interview, I was instantly impressed by the people I met as well as the projects and the customers they told me about. I knew immediately, I would like to work here. I signed the contract on my 28th birthday.

Did you already have specific expectations about working in a consultancy?
Actually, I did not. I only had a very rough idea of what consultancy entailed and was very excited about finding out what the reality looked like. Since then, I have worked with TMG on a large number of different, varied projects in most diverse business areas and industries. These ranged from top management to shop floor level. In all this time, I have never regretted my decision, but instead have come to value TMG even more over the years.

What do you mean specifically?
The work environment at TMG offers a large degree of freedom for personal development. Because the company promotes individualism in its most positive expression. I can organize myself and my work in the way that I think is appropriate. TMG has no standard procedures according to which consultants proceed; they design much of the project process individually. We also have plenty of room to organize our work times, places and travel commitments ourselves. Therefore, I manage to reconcile my professional and my private life quite well. Then there are the very different personalities of my colleagues with whom I enjoy working and cooperate extremely well.

Does one not need to honor such a high degree of freedom?
Yes, of course. It commits you to contributing to the success of the company. At the end of the day, it is the success that counts.

Employee story