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Any change measures can only deliver the added value anticipated by management if and when its implementation has been successful. Time after time, however, practice shows that the implementation competence of one's organization is over-estimated – as a result of which management considers projects already "completed" as soon as the decision to go ahead has been made. This can often be explained by the lack of due attention and rigor in tracking the project. External support by qualified "realizers" and a "temporary management" can avoid deficits of this kind.

Short-term “return of implementation”

During the realization of a project, we fundamentally aim at developing results that can be implemented quickly and nevertheless be sustained in the long term. We achieve this by bringing in, among other things our experience to set up goal-oriented project structures, the qualified management of planning teams, taking over project management or the design of a project management office – either as an independent organizational unit or temporarily to strengthen important projects.

We have brought numerous internal, strategic change projects as well as customer and product projects that had experienced considerable turbulence in companies of various sizes and sectors back on track and have successfully helped them to meet their target. We benefit from the fact that we are at home in two worlds: Thanks to well-founded industry expertise, we know what is important in the business of our customers. As specialized management and implementation consultants with a high degree of social competency, we understand how to contribute our technical and transformation expertise to implementation projects in a targeted and efficient manner.

Project management

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