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Rarely before, has there existed a similar dynamism and abundance of structural changes in the environment and the fields of activity of manufacturing companies. In order to make the best use of the substantial opportunities arising from this and minimize the risks, manufacturing companies face, more than ever before, the challenge of dealing with their future direction, positioning and operation.

Identify degree of maturity

The changes in the environment and in the fields of action of manufacturing companies are so diverse and dynamic that "business as usual" is no longer appropriate. The need for change and adaptation is accordingly high.

In order to continue to be successful in the future, it is important for companies in the manufacturing industry to master several tasks within the framework of a holistic approach, in a targeted manner meeting the requirements effectively and efficiently – starting with the strategy, the portfolio, the product and service program, the technologies and the innovations, through the company's positioning – namely organization, footprint, partners and processes – to the use of agile methods in projects and the organization in order to rise to the challenge of growing dynamism and change.

Set the course for the success of tomorrow

Based on many years of experience and profound expertise, we have already accompanied numerous leading companies in the manufacturing industry on their way to the future, helping them to find the right answers to fundamental questions about the direction of their strategies, portfolios, products, innovations and technologies, to work out targeted configurations that meet their requirements and to increase their capacity for change and dynamism using modern management and working methods.

At present, we also support manufacturing companies in projects that focus on the optimization of indirect functions, product value optimization as well as on projects to intensify the use of additional manufacturing processes in production.



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