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Technological, environmental and social megatrends force the automobile industry to re-invent the vehicle and to unprecedented structural changes. Whether it is the reduction of CO2 emissions or the electrification of drives, automated and autonomous driving, networked vehicles and new mobility concepts, the flexibility of the development and production processes, or Industry 4.0 and additive manufacturing: The changes in the vehicle, in the processes and in the markets are so extensive that the automobile industry is probably facing the greatest upheaval in its history.

New business perspectives resulting from social megatrends

The impact of these megatrends on products and processes in the automotive industry is manifold:  Particularly noteworthy is the large number of new drive variants as well as the massive increase in innovative vehicle concepts for a wide range of mobility tasks.

Because of these developments, numerous new, attractive business perspectives are emerging for companies in the automotive industry. On the other hand, the risk of losing existing business is increasing. The share of creating value between vehicle manufacturers and suppliers will shift. Virtually all companies in the automotive industry will be affected.

Deriving lasting benefit from the change

As a long-term consulting partner for companies in the automotive industry, we consider ourselves obliged to comprehensively observe and analyze the global trend developments. Based on this, we are able to derive and implement the individual measures that enable our customers to benefit sustainably from the change in the industry sector. Here, we look at the trends that affect both, the vehicle as well as its manufacturing processes. Specifically this can be seen, for example, in the current trend of additive manufacturing. The first car manufacturers have already moved on to using the 3D printer to produce not only spare parts but also small series.

Since we have been closely involved in the development of this "breakthrough" technology since the beginning of its industrialization about 25 years ago, we are now able to show interested suppliers how they can secure lucrative shares in this future-oriented business segment.

Business Processes

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