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Whether in the form of wind, water or solar power – renewable energies shape our future. And energy companies, plant manufacturers and their suppliers will have to face this change. At the same time, conventional technologies need to be developed further. After all, the classic energy carriers continue to find their markets abroad despite the elimination of state guarantees.

Optimize processes, professionalize services

The pioneers of renewable energies face the great challenge of qualitatively improving their products at locally ever-changing market conditions while at the same time having to reduce their prices per megawatt in order to guarantee their customers a higher yield. This can only be achieved if processes are optimized and services are even more professionalized.

As one of the leading consultancies for the manufacturing industry with extensive experience in the energy sector, we have the necessary industry experience and technical expertise to support energy companies, plant and equipment manufacturers and their suppliers effectively and sustainably in addressing their challenges: in the conception, design and construction of new factories as well as in the design of logistics and the supply chain, in the management of complex projects or offshore wind parks just in time.

Realize efficiency opportunities for suppliers of conventional energy

In absolute numbers, energy from conventional power plants continues to grow worldwide more significantly than regenerative power generation.

We support well-known manufacturers and suppliers of conventional power plants, particularly in matters of international site conception, networked engineering, improved efficiency in the supply chain and the implementation of modern project control and operative processes.

Targeted digitalization

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