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Mechanical engineering is one of the showpieces of the German economy. Exports have remained at a constant level of over 75 % in recent years, forcing this industry, which is characterized by small and medium-sized enterprises, to anticipate the developments and challenges of the future on a global scale. To develop answers and strategies to this question in good time in order to remain successful and competitive is part of the day-to-day practice of mechanical engineering companies.

A new era in mechanical engineering – highly competent consultancy is in demand!

In a globalized world with more and more division of labor and ever faster pace, it is increasingly difficult to reliably predict future trends. This makes the trend analysis process increasingly complex. As a result, there is growing uncertainty when evaluating the implications for one's own business.

If a machine manufacturer does not recognize the relevance of future developments in time or draws the wrong conclusions therefrom, their competitive position will inevitably be weakened and the livelihood of the company permanently endangered. In the age of digitalization and in the highly dynamic environment of new competitors and innovations of business models, a purely machine-oriented, technological differentiation is no longer sufficient. What in the past was a panacea for strategic deficits and omissions is about to lose its effect.

We have found that the complexity and number of issues and challenges faced by machine manufacturers are now virtually unmanageable. If one's own management and specialist knowledge is no longer sufficient, the use of external specialist knowledge and advice in mechanical engineering becomes indispensable.

Why is TMG an ideal consultancy for medium-sized mechanical engineering companies?

We do not only constantly focus on the global trends to which mechanical engineering companies are exposed. We take this one step further and already today, we develop customer-specific solutions – tailored to the individual company situation – for the relevant issues of tomorrow. This holistic consulting approach, combined with our high degree of mechanical engineering expertise, ensures that our consultants identify all key areas requiring action as the basis for targeted prioritization and for developing and implementing the appropriate measures to sustainably strengthen our customer's competitive position.

TMG is the partner of the mechanical engineering industry

Our consulting services, which are specifically tailored to the needs of the mechanical engineering sector, are demonstrably of great benefit to our customers. This includes, for example:

  • an effective product development process
  • the modularization of products and production facilities
  • lean production systems
  • effective shop floor management
  • the design and construction of a new factory

In addition, our consultants have the ability to select the relevant levers from a bundle of topics and to orchestrate them highly effectively. A pragmatic and method-based approach combined with a wealth of experience is the key to this.

Complex issues? Our strength!

One of our strengths is the handling of interdisciplinary topics, be it in products, processes or organization. By taking a holistic view of the interrelationships, we can also best address issues of product cost optimization, complexity management or digital transformation.

Our mission and guidelines are as follows: The areas where action is to be taken are always tailored to the customer's individual strategies and correspond to the solutions to the strategic challenges that are to be developed. Topics frequently being discussed at present include industry 4.0, "Made in China 2025", factory automation, energy efficiency and lightweight construction. We also provide answers to the existing shortage of skilled workers. It is our commitment to offer customer-specific advice for the mechanical engineering industry.

This is what we allow ourselves to be measured against.

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