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Award for the new TMG book

Award for the new TMG book

The latest book from TMG, MEHR has been awarded a silver medal at this year's Best of Corporate Publishing (BCP) competition. MORE gained the award both for its unconventional personal customer statements and consultant interviews and for the image concept that brings to life the working day of a consultant and shows TMG people from some unusual perspectives. More than 700 publications are submitted to the BCP award, making it the biggest corporate publishing competition in Europe.

With descriptions of our experience and successful customer projects from 25 years of providing consultancy for the manufacturing industry, interviews, personal statements, TMG staff  our book gives an insight into the past and future world of TMG Consultants.

A joint interview with Dr. Jürgen M. Geissinger, Chairman of the Board at Schaeffler AG, and Dr. Jürgen Schilde, co-founder of TMG, covers the significance of trust in consultancy and the courage to forge new paths. Several long-standing partners have written personal pieces on what TMG means to them.

And what do Dagobert's dream, Schiller's Crane of Ibykus and icebreakers have to do with TMG Consultants? More than you might think. Read the reports on working with customers such as Heraeus, Demag Cranes & Components and Ixetic to find out. These are just some examples of the range and depth of our projects and services.

Would you like to have a look through our book and find out MORE about TMG Consultants? We will be pleased to send you a copy.