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Green intralogistics must be put into practice

Green intralogistics must be put into practice

"Green Logistics" is more than just marketing blurb. The participants of a discussion group, organized by the magazine "Materialfluss", were in agreement on this point. TMG expert, Benjamin Hölzle, was also there as a speaker on the podium.

At the moment, companies are reticent when it comes to the topic of "Green Logistics". However, the speakers on the podium were in agreement in their evaluation that the demand and need for optimally designed supply chains which are shaped by sustainability will increase in the future. It is already evident that, in the area of intralogistics too, green ideas are much more than just "marketing blurb".

Hölzle sees process optimizations and the energy savings that can be achieved from these as holding greater leverage than expensive investments in the technical infrastructure. According to the motto "Lean is green", you could design the existing technology so that it is significantly more energy-efficient, and you can reconfigure processes in such a way that the quantum of goods movements within the warehouse as well as the warehouse area itself can be reduced. Half of the energy costs are allocated to materials-handling technology, storage technology and picking procedures, while the other 50 per cent goes to heating and ventilation. "It is often only necessary to make smaller corrections to existing systems in order to significantly reduce energy consumption and to improve cost efficiency in intralogistics overall," says Hölzle, knowingly, "you therefore do not have to invest in expensive technology immediately."

However, to help "Green Logistics" make a breakthrough, in the view of this TMG expert, the topic of sustainability must be integrated into the culture of the company, employees must be encouraged, and you must ensure that this idea is actually put into practice.

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