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In-demand "project rescuers"

In-demand "project rescuers"

Süddeutsche Zeitung, in an article entitled "Allzeit bereit" (Always ready for action), reported on experienced consultants who spring into action whenever it comes to getting derailed projects back"on track".

In the view of TMG Managing Director Darya Nassehi, many a crisis situation in projects could be avoided if those responsible would assign, from the outset, an experienced project manager tasked with taking care of the "problem child" full-time, and not as a sideline. As a general rule of thumb, crisis management is not something that can be done in passing. If a project runs into difficulties, the people engaged to rescue the project have to be totally committed. This can sometime involve working day and night in order to turn the project around.

TMG assigns to such crisis management projects only consultants with several years of line or con-sultancy experience as well as a sound knowledge of project management and a thorough under-standing of the technical and psychological mechanisms at play. 

You can read the full article here