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"Green" pays off - today. This is the key message in the TMG Consultants' new management book. However, sustainable solutions and lasting success of a consequently "green" corporate strategy do not come easy. They are much rather the result of hard work and a consistent approach in the implementation.


The trend towards more sustainability is on the rise, worldwide. Ignoring this trend could prove costly for many manufacturing companies. Therefore, "green management" is evolving into one of the core entrepreneurial challenges that every company must face sooner or later. "No longer do executives argue about whether or not sustainability should play a key role in the company's strategic alignment and in its day-to-day business decisions", says Norbert Haas, Principal at TMG and co-editor of the book. "In fact, the core question is much rather which strategies and actions are best suitable to address the growing requirements for sustainability."

With its new publication, the TMG gives answers to these crucial management issues. The book "Return on Green - Entrepreneurial Success through Green Management" shows, how you can draw considerable benefits from the "megatrend of sustainability" for your own company and in which ways the management can best apply leverage to make sustainability pay off.

The book is aimed at all those executives and managers of manufacturing companies, who are not content with the status quo in terms of sustainability, but instead want to make the right move towards "green management".


Norbert Haas, Darya Nassehi und Klaus Dieterich (Hrsg.):
Return on Green - Mit Green Management zum unternehmerischen Erfolg
Ludwigsburg: LOG_X Verlag GmbH
ISBN 978-3-932298-59-2
160 pages, 45 figures., 29.00 Euro