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TMG article in the FAZ's "Consulting 2013" annual

TMG article in the FAZ's "Consulting 2013" annual

Klaus Dieterich and Darya Nassehi, Joint Managing Directors of TMG Consultants GmbH, explain in an article written for the "Consulting 2013" annual, published by the F.A.Z. Institute, how industrial enterprises can best respond to the unpredictability and rising volatility in their markets.

The relative stability which industrial enterprises have until recently enjoyed in most business segments will, in the view of both TMG managing directors, increasingly be displaced by an environment characterized by instability:

  • Development cycles are becoming ever shorter
  • The level of innovation increases with every new development cycle
  • Developments are increasingly being brought to market before they are fully ready
  • Continuous improvement and upgrading are not so much the exception as the rule
  • Technology is widening its hold on production processes, thus increasing the need for efficient and smoothest possible interaction between the various systems involved. It is becoming increasingly difficult for individual companies to handle these ever-rising levels of complexity.

Companies in the manufacturing sector would, therefore, be well advised to analyze, in a self-critical way, the degree to which they are still able to meet the rising demands on flexibility, responsiveness and innovative capacity. TMG is convinced that traditional forms of organization will find it hard to stay competitive in future: "According to the trends and scenarios which we have identified, the future will be dominated by virtual network-like forms of organization."

You can read the full article here.

Source: "Consulting 2013" annual of F.A.Z. Institut für Management-, Markt- und Medieninformationen GmbH, ISBN 978-3-89981-658-7.