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TMG INSIGHTS-ISSUE 16 PUBLISHED: "Getting organizational design right"

TMG INSIGHTS-ISSUE 16 PUBLISHED: "Getting organizational design right"

Organizational structures and processes that may still work well today can already be outdated tomorrow. Those who want to survive in the age of Industry 4.0 and advancing digitization can no longer afford to keep to the traditional functional-hierarchical structures.


Many companies in the manufacturing industry will therefore need to rethink their organization and management, remodel some areas and even entirely reposition some of their structures and processes. However, an "optimal" organizational solution as such does not exist. However, one thing is for sure: In order to meet the challenges ahead, manufacturing companies will have to make their organizations much more resilient and adaptable. According to TMG's organizational experts, the future therefore belongs to intelligently designed networks, which can ensure highly efficient cooperation beyond the boundaries of the company itself.

The contributions of the current issue of the TMG INSIGHTS cover important aspects that companies are strongly advised to take into account when deciding on their future-oriented organizational structures and processes. The goal is to provide a thought-provoking impulse to achieve an optimal organizational solution for the company.


“Organizational change needs the right management in China”

by Liesbeth Dhaene and Dr. Timo Wiegmann, TMG Consultants (China)

China is unique in many aspects today – and probably always will be. China is turning to a mature market, where top quality execution is a cornerstone for success and therefore organizational structures and processes need to be reviewed and adjusted.

The article outlines the steps that companies have to take to achieve outstanding organizational structures and processes in a Chinese context. Part 1 provides an overview of how the changes in the business landscape in China that have taken place in recent years urgently require Western companies to pay more attention to organizational structures and processes. To understand Western and Chinese management thinking, Part 2 describes the cultural differences between China and the West. The different worldviews substantially influence how the two sides conduct business. Part 3 concludes with the description of an organizational framework necessary to be successful in China, where the degree of adaption to Chinese practices will vary by function and process.

Please download the whole article as PDF here.

About the authors
Dr. Timo Wiegmann is managing director of TMG’s Shanghai office, Liesbeth Dhaene is a senior consultant of TMG’s Shanghai office. Both are living China since many years.

This article was originally published as a TMG INSIGHTS article in September 2017. You can request a complete PDF for the whole TMG INSIGHTS No. 16 “Getting organizational design right” free of charge from us.