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TMG interview on opportunities for engineers in consultancy

TMG interview on opportunities for engineers in consultancy

Darya Nassehi, Managing Director of TMG Consultants GmbH has in an interview with VDI Nachrichten - the leading weekly news journal for technical managers - discussed, in depth, the demands and career opportunities for engineers in consultancy firms.

The career prospects for engineers are, in the view of TMG's Managing Director, excellent: "Engineers who join our company are given relatively free reign – unlike those for example in a typical industrial enterprise. The content of their work generally is more all-encompassing and much more varied."

Those who might consider entering the consultancy business as a career alternative are, in particular, engineers who feel constrained by hierarchical or antiquated structures in industrial enterprises or who wish to gain a broader perspective that goes beyond the boundaries of narrow specialization. Admission is open to applicants with the right specialist knowledge. Another important criterion is that candidates have excellent social and communicative skills.

You can read the full interview here.