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TMG-Partnership with Rydoo

TMG-Partnership with Rydoo

Travel expense reporting has a name at TMG: Rydoo

In the age of digitalization, TMG Consultants GmbH also attaches importance to digitalizing internal processes. At TMG, we ensure this in the area of travel expenses with a solution from our partner Rydoo: With Rydoo, you can automate your entire expense management process, from the submission of expenses to their reimbursement.

Brief introduction Rydoo

Rydoo makes expense management a breeze for businesses. With over 8200 customers and a presence in over 150 countries, Rydoo has helped over 1 million users reduce daily expense processing time by 75% - from 20 minutes to just 5 minutes. Rydoo saves German companies over about 40 hours per week annually on expense management. The average acceptance rate is 93%.

Underpinning the company of the same name is an app (for iOS and Android). Managing travel costs and expenses can be completely digitized within a few days via this software-as-a-service solution.

About Rydoo

Thanks to the expertise of the two founding startups - Xpenditure and iAlbatros - Rydoo enables companies to automate the process of recording and processing expenses. In a matter of a few clicks and a couple of photos, companies save time and optimize costs. Rydoo is backed by a dedicated team of over 300 employees who are transforming traditional expense management.

Functionalities in detail

Rydoo streamlines the lengthy process of expense reporting: receipts are automated, audit-proof and submitted paperlessly. Expense management no longer takes place at the reporting level, but at the receipt level. Each receipt is submitted individually and can therefore be processed in real time. If a receipt requires additions by the employee, other receipts are not affected and can still be posted.

Rydoo allows employees to photograph, specify and forward their receipts directly in the app. Digitization thus begins immediately after issue and accounting takes place "on the go". Collecting receipts is no longer necessary. Assigning them to categories, trips, projects or people involved gives the finance department more information and the ability to apply filters. The fact that billing is done at the receipt level also makes billing faster and more flexible.


Your entire expense management in a single tool: Rydoo offers a paperless solution with automated policy checking for mobile expense submission and approval, providing full insight into expenses and hidden costs while ensuring local compliance

Pricing Model

Rydoo offers a license-based pricing model that starts as low as 6 EUR per active user. The number of licenses is calculated based on active users, which is the monthly average of employees submitting expenses. License fees are the only recurring cost. One-time setup fees occur only for onboarding (personalized assistance during implementation) and integration (interface for automatic exchange of data with external systems, e.g. ERP, HR tools etc.)