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TMG INSIGHTS Issue 17 published "Focus Mechanical Engineering"

TMG INSIGHTS Issue 17 published "Focus Mechanical Engineering"

The role of mechanical engineering as the backbone and innovation driver of German industry is undisputed. However, it is also a fact that the competition – especially from Asia – is catching up. In order to maintain their competitive position, many machine manufacturers will have to realign themselves.

TMG-INSIGHTS 17: "Brennpunkt Maschinenbau"

There is hardly any other sector in Germany that is as diverse and heterogeneously composed as mechanical engineering and plant construction. As different as the individual framework may be, some trends and developments affect all companies:

  • Customers are placing ever more requests that are individual; no one really wants off-the-shelf products. In order to continue to meet these requirements, many companies will have to remove complexity from their products without compromising the variety of solutions and designs.

  • The opportunities in the highly profitable after-sales/service business are usually not sufficiently exploited. Pioneering companies, on the other hand, have long since begun to expand their services in a targeted manner, to professionalize them and to distinguish themselves among their customers as partners for the production process.

  • Industry 4.0 & digitalization are also becoming increasingly important in mechanical engineering: In the future, most mechanical engineering companies will hardly be able to hold one’s own in the market without additional smart products, digital services and innovative business models.

The articles in the current issue of TMG INSIGHTS address these and other challenges facing German mechanical engineering companies. With their assessments and recommendations for solutions, the authors provide food for thought on what companies must do in order to assert themselves under these new conditions of Industry 4.0, ongoing digitalization and increasing competition from the Far East.

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