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TMG-INSIGHTS Issue 19 published: „Digital Transformation"

TMG-INSIGHTS Issue 19 published: „Digital Transformation"

The digital transformation of manufacturing companies is progressing only very hesitantly in this country. There is still a serious gap between the great importance universally attached to digital change and the actual implementation of strategy-led digitalization initiatives.

TMG-INSIGHTS 19: "Digitale Transformation"

Many companies have now embarked on a journey towards digitalization. The vast majority, however, focus almost exclusively on internal process improvements. Only very few companies are pursuing a comprehensive digital strategy that also addresses the topic of “digital business models”.

According to TMG's assessment, anyone who limits themselves to isolated or even “actionist” projects in the course of the digitalization process runs a high risk of coming under pressure from several directions at once:

  • From competitors within their own industry who are consistently pushing ahead with their digital transformation and sustainably stabilizing and expanding their market position by offering new digital products and services.

  • From digital competitors outside their industry. While these competitors are not particularly familiar with the practices of the sector in question, they have mastered the rules of the game in digitally transformed markets and know how to move successfully in digital ecosystems.

  • Digital latecomers will also have great difficulties on the labor market in recruiting digitally competent professionals in the manner required. Digital professionals are in great demand and prefer to choose digital pioneers as their employers.

Sooner or later, no company will be able to escape the digital challenge. The current issue of TMG INSIGHTS provides numerous ideas and recommendations on how companies can tackle the challenge posed by digital transformation and what needs to be taken into account in doing so.

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