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3D printing has long since conquered the markets. However, a large part of the manufacturing industry still misjudges the immense opportunities that the additive manufacturing process has on offer. Also the enormous impact of this new option on current production processes and industrial process chains is mostly underestimated. We are convinced: Additive manufacturing processes will dramatically change the entire product development process "PDP" as well as production itself.

Cost, time and flexibility benefits

In the past, layering techniques were used mainly in prototyping. In various applications it is now possible to use additive manufacturing even for small series where this had hitherto been perceived to be impossible leading to considerable cost, time and flexibility advantages.

In order to make the most of this rapidly evolving technology as early as now and to generate competitive advantages from it, a far above-average expert knowledge is indispensable. What is required is a combination of extensive experience as a technology driver, user and developer, as a strategist, quality and certification expert, as well as in technology and innovation management, in the product development process "PDP" and in cost management.

Profound operational AM expertise

Our production experts have accompanied the development of AM technology since the beginning of its industrialization about 25 years ago. In additive manufacturing, we are demonstrably one of the pioneers. Our operational expertise and our project experience, ranging from tasks at the strategic level to procedural details, are correspondingly profound.

Involved in a wide network of specialized companies and institutions in the additive manufacturing technology sector, we are able to offer a comprehensive range of services on this forward-looking topic – ranging from a quick check and a company-specific cost and risk assessment, to potential analyzes, cost-effectiveness assessments and different strategic tasks, to the conception and realization of AM production plants and production networks, including designing suitable qualification programs for serial production.


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