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In manufacturing companies, the "development" function plays a special role: After all, it is the task of developers to define products and services for business success. At the same time, development largely determines the cost structure. Anyone who wants to be successful as a manufacturing company today and in the future should therefore trim their development division to functional excellence. Nowadays, predictability, evolution, or continuation are only of limited use in many industries and market segments. Instead, a strong strategic focus is needed, combined with scenario-based approaches and agility. We call this: functional excellence in development.

Achieving functional excellence through a tailor-made approach

For many years, we have been supporting leading companies in the manufacturing industry in projects that aim at sustainably improving effectiveness and efficiency in development. Based on this long-standing experience and our profound expertise in this field, we have developed the holistic approach "Functional Excellence in Development", which is targeted and tailored to the respective customer requirements in five modular and coordinated stages – starting with determining the location ("Performance check development"), on to the strategic direction (technologies, competences, product program ...) and an implementation plan that is to be individually elaborated, through to the development of best practice concepts and execution support, including accompanying operational project management.

Taking a holistic look at all key areas

We are convinced that functional excellence in development can only be achieved by pursuing a holistic approach. As the number and complexity of development projects increase incessantly, special procedures are required in order to continue to be successful as a development department. Agile working methods – hitherto mainly known from the field of software development – prove to be of advantage increasingly also in other areas.

Using agility to secure an effective competitive advantage

Our experience from several successfully completed projects to introduce agile working methods in industrial enterprises clearly shows: Most companies will benefit from an individually appropriate level of agility and gain an effective competitive edge. This is mainly due to the consistent focus on customer value and first-class quality, as well as highly efficient and cross-functional teams.


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