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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Digital change continues to be an industry trend and currently poses new challenges for many sectors, especially the manufacturing industry. However, digital transformation must not be an end in itself, but if used sensibly, should offer added value for the company or its customers.

To successfully lead your business into the digital age, you need a clear vision as well as a distinct strategy. This strategy must be tailored to your business needs. We support you in bringing together technological know-how and areas with scope for digital design in order to identify and, in the next step, implement your digital opportunities sustainably and successfully.


Digital technologies are developing rapidly. Who would have thought of Apple Watch, Amazon Alexa or Uber and their effects a few years ago? Even in companies in the manufacturing industry, new opportunities are developing in this field. This results in two strategic strands of action:

The first option is to enrich your portfolio with Digital Innovations to establish new digital products, services and business models. By placing a stronger emphasis on these topics, you increase customer loyalty, sustainably enhance customer value and open up new market segments. The second alternative is the use of Industry 4.0 in the course of Smart Efficiency in order to further optimize the added value generated in your own company. Whichever way we jointly identify for you, your company can benefit from the digital transformation in different ways. We support you on your individual journey.

What is digitale transformation?

Digital transformation is the continuous process of change in society and the economy brought about by digital technologies. The main drivers of digital transformation include a digital infrastructure, digital products and services, processes, applications and business models. In the corporate context, the process of change associated with digitalization influences a multitude of aspects, methods and areas of a company. Therefore, change management has a special role to play.

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Competitive advantage through digital transformation – Become a pioneer in the manufacturing industry

Issues such as big data analyses in your company, artificial intelligence for parameter optimization, collaborative robots or factory support come into focus. Digitalization through Operations 4.0 creates considerable efficiency potential in your production on the one hand, and on the other hand through Supply Chain Management 4.0 also a more efficient mode of operation in your customer and supplier network. Follow both of these fundamental courses of action and become a digital champion in your market and differentiate yourself from your competitors!

Whichever way you choose, we're ready! We assist you with competent consulting and successfully tested methods in all aspects of digital transformation, from strategy to implementation, so that your company is prepared for a digital future.

Implement your digitalization strategy step by step

In our Competence Center Digital Transformation, we combine multidisciplinary expertise in digital technologies with more than 30 years of experience in management consulting for manufacturing companies. We view digital transformation in small and medium-sized businesses and in corporations as a holistic process. This must be based on your existing structures and realistically implementable.

In choosing TMG as your management consultancy for digital transformation, you will find a partner who will support you in the above-mentioned areas, drawing on many years of experience and successfully applied methods.

Digitalization roadmap and strategy. Advice and consulting on the implementation of digital transformation in medium-sized manufacturing companies. Digitalization process in the company.

Digital transformation must not be an end in itself! We understand it as a holistic process that must build on your existing structures.

Based on your individual position we support you through all phases of digital transformation using our digitalization maturity model. This includes:

  • formulating a tailor-made vision for your digital business,
  • deriving your concrete digitalization strategy,
  • new/adapted business models,
  • as well as the tailor-made conception of digitalization initiatives.

With our many years of consulting experience, we also provide hands-on support for the implementation of your solutions, from detailed planning to project management.

Your data will be treated confidentially and only anonymous results will be included in the benchmark. Below you will find a current overview and the benchmark of the companies that have participated so far.

Digitalizing procurement

Are you familiar with the potential that can be found in your purchasing department? Imagine that digital technologies could not only lower your purchase prices significantly and sustainably, but at the same time substantially optimize the processes in your procurement department by focusing on efficiency and effectiveness. With the help of intelligent solutions, digital transformation is also finding its way into your company's purchasing organization.

Already today, this is possible through the use of big data analyses and artificial intelligence. For this reason, TMG cooperates with the young company scoutbee as a Platinum Partner. Together, we can unearth previously unimagined potential in your purchasing department.

Based on more than 2.7 billion data points and the consistent use of artificial intelligence as well as big data analyzes, we digitalize your purchasing process thus underpinning your digital strategy.

More than 2.7 billion data points provide completely new insights. Our digitalization and solution approach is an unparalleled innovation available in the marketplace and supports the manufacturing industry in achieving its sourcing goals. Now the question arises: How can we support and advise you by digitalizing your purchasing?

  • You are strategically looking for new suppliers or would like to review your supplier portfolio?
  • The loss of an established supplier threatens to drastically change your supplier portfolio and you need a replacement or a second source as quickly as possible?
  • You want to screen the market worldwide without language barriers and achieve the best possible prices in purchasing?

In a nutshell: You would like the help of a management consultancy to achieve excellence in your purchasing department?

TMG stands for digital transformation.

Then we look forward to hearing from you. We would be happy to work with you to design a suitable digital purchasing solution for your company and take the necessary organizational and procedural measures for digital transformation in this area.