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Factory planning & site structure planning

Factory planning & site structure planning

The construction of a new production plant usually does not run as smoothly as desired. A functioning network of experienced specialists is required to ensure a smooth success. The technical expertise and the production and logistics know-how of TMG Consultants, resulting from many years of experience, ensure optimum planning and the best possible support for implementation.

TMG Consultants' approach to plant structure and factory planning is based on four main phases:

  • Planning
  • Implementation roadmap
  • Realization
  • Ramp-up
Fabrikplanung & Werkstrukturplanung – TMG Consultants

The essential added value of factory planning or factory structure planning by TMG consultants is that the planning is based on a profound understanding of production and logistics. Building on the production and logistics layout, TMG plans the factory building “from the inside out” across all departments. Our consultants use modern planning methods, such as simulation, BIM (Building Information Modelling) and 3D visualizations.

On the one hand, implementation depends on excellent methodological support. On the other hand, experienced project managers are needed to represent and support the client's interests.

Layout and factory planning

When dimensioning and planning a new plant, several requirements must be taken into account, such as the technology used, logistics flows, product range and quantity structures. These are then compared with regard to building design as well as infrastructure, plant logistics and building requirements.

Fabrikplanung & Werkstrukturplanung – TMG Consultants

The planning methods used are very different and depend on the respective task. This involves combining and arranging classic planning methods of production segmentation with lean methods in a layout and visualizing them, e.g. using value stream design.

Fabrikplanung & Werkstrukturplanung – TMG Consultants

The result of the layout planning and factory concept is the dimensioning and production requirements for the new plant. For this purpose, the requirements for a building are transferred into a rough structural concept on the basis of the production layout. This forms the basis for the general planning/overall planning.

General planning / overall planning

As general planner, TMG Consultants takes over the responsibility and planning of complex, technically comprehensive planning and engineering services for new factory buildings, extensions or renovations. A personal contact person is available to the customer for the entire planning and implementation of the factory. Thus you receive both professional and integrated development of planning tasks from a single source, represented by a network of specialists and experts. The integral planning by TMG consultants covers all planning and implementation phases of a project, including site supervision and implementation support.

TMG develops the project and service phases from a single source; these are structured in accordance with German regulations (HOAI, AHO).

The planning content is incorporated into a proven method for tender preparation. The consultants at TMG ensure that a transparent award procedure is based on a fully planned factory description (specifications).

TMG Consultants always act as the client's representative and ensure that their interests are upheld.

TMG as consultant and project manager

  • Clear specifications of customer requirements
  • Specification of quality standards
  • Specification of execution details, materials and brands
  • Comparable documents for the invitation to tender
  • Understanding the customer's requirements
  • Superordinate project management as a client function
  • Creation of integrated planning
    - Implementation with any general contractor, sole trader possible
    - Avoidance of supplements
  • drafting of contracts
  • Maximum support and penetration of the project

TMG always represents the interest of the client to his advantage

Realization/ Project management

Project management, client representation and project management are integral parts of our services. TMG complements its technical know-how in production and technical expertise in building planning and implementation with extensive project management experience.

TMG Consultants thus becomes a “One Stop Shop” for the planning and realization of production plants.

Project coordination and project management ensure that the executing companies proceed exactly according to plan and monitor the work processes. sThe project controller acts as the interface between the client, construction company, authorities and external surveyors as well as the internal requirements of production and logistics.

Key tasks in implementation support

Client representation:

  • Professional advice to the client in the selection of options during the detailed planning and implementation phase
  • Ensuring that the general contractor understands the planning specifications from the tender planning and room book correctly
  • Ensuring that all parties comply with the planning specifications
  • Rejection of supplements from the general contractor
  • Execution supervision with assurance of the qualities
  • Coordination of the respective planning contents with an integrated overall plan
  • Organization, execution and documentation of planning and coordination rounds
  • Coordination of all project participants
  • Establishment, coordination and execution of a weekly jour fixe by TMG
  • Scheduling and control of sub-projects as well as coordination of deadlines and interfaces with other projects, which are necessary due to the conversion of the existing system
  • Comprehensible and transparent cost control as well as budgeting up to the elimination of defects
  • Interface to authorities as client representative
  • Interface for obtaining operating licences

The objective
of project management is to coordinate and control the project independently and thus ensure that the new factory is completed on schedule and within budget.

This objective is achieved by classical project management methods in a project management triangle. The focus is on monitoring quality, deadlines and costs. TMG Consultants supports this with a proven approach and a standardized project set-up.

Fabrikplanung & Werkstrukturplanung – TMG Consultants

This allows optimal use of resources, adherence to budget targets and costs, and on-time completion dates. Cost reduction through value engineering and high adherence to schedules through strict project management are our success factors.

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