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Factory planning & site structure planning

Factory planning & site structure planning

For manufacturing companies, it is of vital importance to align their production capacities as efficiently as possible. This includes checking and revising the current production and location strategy, should this appear necessary as a result of changes in framework conditions. Predominantly external factors trigger the construction of a new factory, a relocation or the adaptation of existing structures – from local content requirements to market- and customer-based adaptation needs through to constraints resulting from the emergence and spread of new technologies.

A successful factory realization essentially begins with industrial strategy. Based on our profound production expertise, we are able to accompany the entire process of a production-oriented and simultaneously cost-effective factory construction or modification professionally – starting from the development of an industrial strategy and the factory concept through to planning and realizing the buildings and the infrastructure.

In basic factory planning, we offer the complete service portfolio for the site set-up – worldwide and from a single source. In addition to devising a "Global Footprint" that meets the specific requirements, this includes conducting a detailed analysis and selection of suitable regions and property, recording the production processes and quantity structures, working out a production concept as well as the dimensioning of production facilities, including the development of a production layout. We prepare the complete tendering and approval planning and also support the realization of the object. Our focus is on quality, deadlines and cost.

Future-oriented reorganization of the plant structure

If the product program or the requirements for production plants and processes change, we also advise our customers in the case of new planning, revitalization and conversion of plants. We assist in the revision of the existing plant structure and our special approach to factory planning has already helped many manufacturing companies to eliminate long distances, high inventory levels, complex information flows or unsuitable building structures.


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