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Global Networks

Global Networks

For some time, the world economy has been exposed to a dynamic of change, as it has probably never been seen before. New markets are emerging everywhere, product structures and technologies are changing – some of which fundamentally – more and more companies are joining forces, supply chains are reassembling. Against this background, the ability to establish functioning networks and to move within such structures also in a global context is becoming an elementary success factor for manufacturing companies.

Clear network orientation – Forward-looking market supply

The dynamics underlying the progressing of these changes entail a variety of risks, but at the same time many new business opportunities arise therefrom – provided the company succeeds in optimizing its operations footprint. The sustainable orientation of their global networks gives manufacturing companies a lasting strategic competitive advantage. Market proximity and service levels are improved – and complexity is reduced precisely where it compromises performance and efficiency in the supply chain.

However, to design global networks to meet specific requirements and operate them with the greatest possible efficiency is a challenge that many organizations do not adequately meet.

Manage complex value creation networks in a goal-oriented way

As one of the leading consulting companies for the manufacturing industry – with profound industry-specific know-how and practical experience from a multitude of customer projects designed to optimize global production, R&D and logistics networks – we are ideally equipped to support customers in the strategic development of their networks in line with market requirements ensuring optimal customer and market supply professionally and with sustainable success. We are also the right partner when it comes to targeting and efficiently managing the often world-wide value creation networks.


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