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Cost structure & KPIs

Cost structure & KPIs

Ensure transparency and certainty of action in improving results with cost structure analyses!

Especially in times of uncertainty, quick action is required. By means of a cost structure analysis of functional costs, the right levers for cost reductions and efficiency measures are identified at short notice.


Considered are essentially:

  • Ratio of fixed to variable costs
  • Detail of fixed and variable costs correspond to the functions
  • What contribution do the functional units make to the cost level?
  • What effects do specific optimization levers have on the structure of fixed and variable costs in relation to the functional units?
  • What are the "implementable" and relevant measures for reducing costs or increasing the company's profit?

Short-term benefit due to:

  • Transparency about profitability, cost categories and cost shares
  • Relation fixed/variable costs shows responsiveness of results to changes in sales/quantities
  • Basis for calculating further key figures to assess cost structure
  • Basis for deriving cost reduction approaches
  • Basis for benchmarking (e.g. between sites)
  • Time series comparison shows changes over time

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