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Digitalization SCM and logistics

Digitalization SCM and logistics

Customer requirements are becoming more and more individual, batch sizes are getting smaller and complexity is increasing. At the same time, cost and efficiency potentials are to be realized in the supply chain. This requires SCM and logistics to combine efficiency, flexibility and transparency. In our view, these challenges can only be met through consistent digitization, networking and automation across all partners - both internal and external.

Do you know the cost and efficiency potentials through the digitalization of your supply chain & logistics?

The concepts and technologies for this are available. However, each company must determine for itself individually which of these will lead to the goal and whether the prerequisites for successful use are given.

How the cost and efficiency potentials can be tapped through digitalization in SCM & logistics is answered by our two TMG IMPULSES. They address the following questions:

  • Which tool kit is available for the digitalization and networking of the supply chain?
  • How can the identified potentials be implemented in a targeted manner and realized quickly?
  • Which Logistics 4.0 elements are available and how can they be optimally implemented?
  • How can a precisely tailored target image and a Logistics 4.0 roadmap be developed?

Costs and efficiency potential through the digitalization of your supply chain

The new TMG IMPULSE "SCM 4.0" sheds light on the potential that can be tapped through the digitalization of the supply chain and provides answers to the following questions:

  • How does digitization help to realize cost and efficiency potentials despite individual customer requirements?
  • What tool kit is available for digitization and networking?
  • How can the identified potentials be implemented in a targeted manner and thus realized quickly?

We would be pleased to present our TMG digitization modules for sustainable efficiency enhancement to you in a personal meeting.

As partner of well-known family-owned companies and corporations as well as their suppliers, we have been supporting our customers for more than 30 years with various topics along the value-added processes and supply chain, from organizational and strategy development to process and system design to the implementation of excellence concepts.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this TMG IMPULSE publication, please do not hesitate to contact us via the link above.

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