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Make-or-buy to secure know-how and make the cost structure more flexible!

Economic cycles and acute cost pressure repeatedly lead to spontaneous outsourcing decisions with far-reaching consequences:

  • Due to the decline in volume, the optimal operating point of production is abandoned
  • As a result, productivity falls or production/unit costs rise significantly and the result is burdened
  • Know-how-relevant volumes are outsourced to suppliers, thus weakening the competitive position

These topics are currently very relevant again. Today, as in 2009, we again recognize the relevance of a strategically and economically sound make-or-buy decision. The main objectives here are to retain strategically relevant know-how and make the cost structure more flexible.

Realizing unused potential

We would like to give you suggestions and impulses on how make-or-buy processes should proceed and which methodical approach makes sense:

  • Strategic make-or-buy decision?
  • Make-or-buy in the life cycle?
  • Make-or-buy decision cases?
  • Models for outsourcing production volumes?

We would be pleased to introduce you to our TMG Inventory Management Suite for the sustainable reduction of inventories in a personal meeting.

As partner of well-known family-owned companies and corporations as well as their suppliers, we have been supporting our customers for more than 30 years with various topics along the value-added processes and supply chain, from organizational and strategy development to process and system design to the implementation of excellence concepts.
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