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Productivity increase

Productivity increase

Use productivity levers and increase profitability!

After years of constant upswing and growth, some industries are currently struggling with a significant decline in volume. As a result, many factories are facing the following situation:

  • Due to the decrease in volume, production ceases to operate at the optimum point
  • As a result, productivity drops or production/unit costs rise significantly and earnings are adversely affected
  • At the same time, the real OEE of operating resources is often well below 60-70%, with many inefficiencies in operational processing

While the primary objective in recent years has been to continually increase production output levels within plants, the challenge now is to make the reduced production volume available as efficiently as possible whilst minimizing the use of resources and optimizing capacity utilization.

We would like to give you suggestions and impulses on how you can quickly and effectively leverage productivity and efficiency potentials in your plants:

  • Where are the biggest inefficiencies and productivity losses in the plants?
  • What is the potential for increasing efficiency and reducing costs?
  • What are the most effective levers for increasing productivity and efficiency?
  • Which immediate measures can be used to achieve short-term results?

We would be pleased to introduce you to our TMG Efficiency Suite for a sustainable increase in productivity and efficiency in a personal meeting.

As a partner of well-known family-owned companies and corporations as well as their suppliers, we have been accompanying our customers for more than 30 years in various topics along the value-added processes and supply chain, from organizational and strategy development to process and system design to the implementation of excellence concepts.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this TMG IMPULSE, we will be pleased to assist you at any time! Please do not hesitate to contact us via the link above.

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