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Streamlining Project portfolio

Streamlining Project portfolio

How do you prioritize and coordinate your project landscape?

High yields have masked inefficient projects in recent years. The more uncertain the market conditions, the more important it becomes for industrial companies to know their economic room for maneuver. Prioritization of the project landscape is urgently required today in order to act efficiently again. Deciding which projects are to be realized at all and which resources are to work on them and when is all the more important in times of scarce resources and increasing pressure to act:


  • to balance demand fluctuations and economic cycles in the short and medium term
  • manage increasing product and variant diversity thus complexity
  • to deal with high uncertainty regarding relevant future technologies and the "right" time to enter the market
  • to create transparency about the current multitude and variety of projects, and
  • to know the real capacity utilization situation and project-related resource requirements, especially for know-how carriers

This issue of our TMG IMPULSE SERIES provides suggestions on how to bring transparency into your project landscape in order to derive the right decisions. Question your project portfolio management...

  • Do new projects undergo evaluation and approval by a management committee?
  • Are milestones and project results critically and regularly reviewed?
  • Do you have transparency on all ongoing projects and their use of resources internally and externally?
  • Do you apply strategic evaluation criteria for project assessment?
  • Do you have an overall project view of all ongoing project activities?
  • When was the last time you terminated a project due to criteria not being met?

…and get support in realizing your potentials and creating and applying project portfolio management.

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