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New business model & product innovations

New business model & product innovations

The market and appropriate products determine the future and the success of the company

The targeted interaction of sustainable business models, customer-oriented product and service innovations as well as targeted market entry are essential success factors for companies. As consultants to the manufacturing industry, we support our customers in all three areas to help them achieve a strong and sustainable market position.

Sustainable business models

Sustainable business models coupled with digital services and products form the basis for corporate success.

Transferring business models to the digital world

Digital business models are the high-margin revenue drivers of today and tomorrow. The digitalization of business models not only ensures the ubiquity of your company: whether through physical products or stored on a smartphone in one's pocket. Digital business models grant access to new customer channels and innovative multi-channel applications of products and services. They provide direct customer and data access and thus the basis for building long-term and predictable relationships with the market. Using our expertise, we are happy to support you in the development of individual platforms and in the integration of the physical and digital world from the perspective of your customers.

Product as a service

Mobility instead of cars. Heat instead of energy. Availability instead of hard disk. Whereas in the past the product was the main focus, today it is often the customer's needs. And with it the service. Product as a Service is a challenge for the design and development of new service packages. At the same time, it offers companies the opportunity to bind customers even more closely to their enterprise.

It is significant for the manufacturing industry that service development follows different rules than product development. The existing product development process therefore can only be applied to the development of services in a few exceptional cases. However, by using suitable technical interfaces and temporal-content synchronization points, these can be married to each other.

We are happy to support you in the development of new and high-margin business models, in adapting your development and service organization as well as in setting up a service-enabled infrastructure.

Customer-oriented product innovations

Knowing what the customer wants tomorrow secures companies the success of the day after tomorrow.

Optimizing the service portfolio

One of the most important competencies of every company is to be able to serve the customer by offering an optimal service portfolio consisting of suitable products or the ideal service. It is particularly important to position suitable innovations successfully in the market, to penetrate new markets with existing products and at the same time to critically review the existing portfolio.

Through our value and portfolio analytical methods in combination with the analysis of product, supplier and market data, we create individual transparency in existing portfolios. Our many years of experience along the innovation process allow us to identify the most appropriate ideas for new products together with our customers and to successfully open up new markets. In doing so, our focus is always on one thing: your customers.

Reduce time to market significantly through efficient R&D and lean processes

Companies today are faced with changing customer needs and a high level of customer expectations. Positioning the right product in the market at the right time is therefore one of the essential requirements for modern R&D and production. High efficiency, a strong R&D performance and hence a short time-to-market are essential success factors for new products and services.

In addition to transparent R&D performance management, the service and product development process (S/PDP) plays a decisive role in shortening development cycles. Through appropriate product categorization and associated process variants, lead times can be drastically reduced. In conjunction with a transparent maturity model of the development process, products and services can thus be developed not only faster, but also in higher quality while making optimal use of resources.

Based on our long-standing experience in development and operations, we would be happy to help you increase the R&D efficiency of your company. Objective positioning assessment, explicit performance measurement, a transparent maturity model as well as a streamlined service and product development process are essential elements that we can optimize jointly in cooperation with you.

Agility for better market fit in less time

Agile development of products and services opens numerous doors for companies in the manufacturing industry:

  • Satisfying customer requirements more effectively
  • Quicker feasibility assessment
  • Adapting solutions at short notice
  • Improved interaction between development disciplines
  • Increased transparency about the degree of maturity

The art lies in synchronizing the varying timing of the individual components, e.g. mechanics and electronics or system with software, in such a way that the maturity of the overall product develops consistently. Among other things, this requires a coordinated interaction of processes, roles, knowledge and employee skills.

As consultants with extensive experience in transforming organizations from classic to agile development environments, we have already supported numerous customers in the development of an agile framework and the corresponding roll-out. Our credo is: Agility must always be tailored to the needs of the customer organization and the corresponding service portfolio. Our agile framework enables us to create the necessary guidelines and fixed points for the customized design of agility.

Develop products and services in close proximity to your customers

The key to your sustainable product success is the alignment of customer needs with the functionality of your products and services. In times of increasing market dynamics, it is therefore all the more important to develop products in close proximity to or even together with your customers. This is the only way to ensure that a development delivers rapid success and that development costs can be amortized within a short period of time.

This is why we, at TMG Consultants, focus on two essential factors along your development processes. Based on the so-called user story-oriented requirements management, we establish a process for the transfer from customer needs to technical requirements. At the same time, we help you establish the required mechanisms for early testing, validation and verification of your prototypes, products and services with your customers.

Using individual agile frameworks, we combine classical management with short-cycle development results. Across all disciplines of development, we help you to position products on the market even faster and nevertheless develop them in a predictable fashion: From mechanics to software, from the gear wheel to the fully integrated platform.

Market entry strategy

Develop new markets and win them over for your own company by addressing them in a targeted fashion

Understanding tomorrow's markets

Products can only ever be as efficient as the markets in which they are sold. It is therefore crucial for companies to know their markets, changes and trends very well. A well-founded market model analysis ensures the success of the services.

As an efficient consulting partner, we will help you recognize the developments in existing markets at an early stage, to identify new markets and market opportunities and to create your own markets for your service portfolio. We provide you with the answers on how to develop new markets quickly and efficiently and how to align the market portfolio for a targeted increase in sales.

Playing the market well

Companies need a clear and precise business strategy to be able to compete successfully in today's markets. Due to high dynamics and volatility in market and customer behavior, a well-defined strategy is the best way to quickly achieve your business goals.

In developing business strategy, TMG Consultants offer a triad of market, technology and entrepreneurial performance in order to adequately represent the core of the manufacturing industry. From the initial idea to successful market entry, we support clients around the world in positioning and expanding businesses in the market.

Business Processes

Targeted digitalization