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Organizational Development

Organizational Development

In today’s business world companies have to cope with ever more complex challenges, while predictability and plannability are diminishing. Innovation leaps in important communication, automation and production technologies are forcing companies into action. Also in terms of corporate culture, the signs are pointing to change. Workforces are beginning to “emancipate” themselves from traditional working methods and systems. Employees are expecting a new way of thinking. A demand that companies should not ignore. Organizing work sharing in a company in a goal-oriented manner is and will remain a core task of management. Given this background of changing requirements, however, organizational design and development are more topical than ever.

Against the background of these substantial changes, many companies in the manufacturing industry are forced to rethink existing organizational structures and processes. Some processes need redesign, others have to be completely realigned. There is no generally applicable “optimum solution” for organizational development. But one thing is for sure: in order to manage the challenges ahead, companies have to transform their organizations to become more robust and adaptable.

We support you in designing and implementing the best possible organizational structure and processes

As experienced organizational consultants, we provide comprehensive advice on all aspects of organizational development. In close collaboration with you, we design the optimal organizational solution for your specific business situation. The effectiveness of the solution is paramount to us. Our range of services includes the following fields:

Overview of services offered in the area of organizational development.


Establish clear, lean and flexible organization structures

  • Organizational structure
  • Optimization of indirect functions
  • Network design
Organizational structures

We support you in the design of strategy-focused organizational structures based on a sound as is-analysis, developing a concept and driving its implementation. The focus is on

  • the optimization of organizational structures, 
  • the scope of corporate centers, 
  • the definition of tasks, competences, and responsibilities, and 
  • the optimization of spans of control

In our experience, the optimization of indirect functions is not only lead to cost savings, but also improves the overall effectiveness of the organization. Based on cost and performance analyses as well as resulting potential assessments, we structure and realign support functions. The primary focus is on improving the work sharing model between business-responsible units, indirect functions and headquarters

Network design includes the configuration and optimization of global networks. In this context, it is necessary to adjust the role allocation between headquarters, regional entities and business units. This needs to be supported by corresponding control and governance models.

Optimal alignment with strategy

The manufacturing industry worldwide is going through a phase of unprecedented change. Whether a company benefits or suffers from these changes depends, to a large extent, on the management in charge. Top executives are responsible for strategically arming the company for these new challenges in the best possible way and establishing the most appropriate organizational structure. As is well known, any strategy is only as good as its implementation. In order to establish the most appropriate organizational structures and processes for a firm, it is essential to harmonize business model, corporate culture and personalization. Failure to do so carries a high risk that the organizational project will not be successful: the resulting organizational solution is at best ideal “on paper”. Should this occur, the organizational structure is only sustainable and target-oriented to a limited extent.


Align business processes in a customer-oriented and efficient manner

  • Business process management
  • Business process optimization
  • Business process digitalization
Business processes

We are convinced that business process management has to include the design, evaluation, performance measurement, documentation and implementation of a company's business processes. This always begins with the customer and needs always to be seen in conjunction with the organization structure of the company.

The optimization of business processes aims at increasing the performance of essential processes of a company. Our projects regularly include the implementation of improvement methods (Kaizen, TCT ...) as well as the renewal of business processes, roles and responsibilities.

Digitization adds new aspects to process design. We address this by focusing on

  • collaboration models between functional departments and IT, 
  • digitization and automation of business processes, and
  • linking business processes to the IT landscape.

Value creation configuration

Configuring value chains most effectively and make them more flexible

  • Post Merger Integration (PMI)
  • Demerger
  • In-/Outsourcing
Optimal configuration of value chains with TMG.

In the field of post merger integration, we support our customers in bringing together organizational structures and processes. In particular, this includes the integration of value chains and the realization of cost synergies. We secure these complex change processes through ongoing change management.

Demerging previously affiliated units can significantly improve the focus and thus the organizational effectiveness of these units. The first step in our projects is to focus on transparency and the development of a business case for the unit to be spun off. The next step is to design structures, processes, and employee allocation and to shape the transition process.

In a dynamic environment, designing the best possible value creation configuration also includes questioning the boundaries of a firm. Our in-/outsourcing services help clients to define the overall strategy and to perform classic financial assessments (total cost of ownership analysis). In the course of digital transformation, the systematic identification of (no longer) necessary (core) competencies continues to gain importance. Last but not least, we regularly help to orchestrate a dynamic network of external partners.


Employing, integrating and motivating employees following a goal-oriented approach

  • Organizational Due Diligence
  • Incentive models
  • People productivity
Performance des Unternehmens steigern.

How well does my organization work? Do we have an appropriate dimensioning of our workforce? As experienced organizational consultants, we are often asked these questions.

Our organizational due diligence consulting approach includes

  • the standardized recording and evaluation of key organizational aspects,
  • the evaluation based on benchmarks and best practices, and
  • the operationalization of critical fields of action.

The structures and processes are essential cornerstones of organizational design. However, high-performance organizations only emerge when the human factor is explicitly taken into account. Our incentive models therefore adapt established systems according to new organizational structures and processes, the cascaded linking to corporate goals and the sound introduction of new approaches.

Productivity becomes apparent at the individual workplace. To increase employee productivity, we therefore take a bottom-up approach and look at productivity barriers from an employee’s perspective. This results in comprehensive improvement programs involving all levels of the organization.

Insights Paralysierte Organisationen Revitalisieren

Cost reduction programs, measures to increase efficiency and similar initiatives to improve performance and competitiveness often fall short of expectations. In many cases, what was intended and set up by management simply does not reach the working level where the measures are supposed to be effective. Based on the experience gained from numerous efficiency projects, TMG experts have developed an innovative approach.

This makes it possible to

  • activate the working level,
  • better leverage the know-how of employees in the development of target-oriented solutions, 
  • improve acceptance, and
  • eliminate, as far as possible, the shortcomings that lead to the often lamented, unsatisfactory results that occur when following the usual course of action.


Implement changes effectively and sustainably

  • Change management
  • Communication concepts
  • Training and coaching
Organizational transformation.

We support our customers throughout the entire change management process: from fostering the willingness to undergo changes and initiating a new corporate culture, to preparing the implementation and setting up an implementation controlling, to providing operational support during the transition.

Communication concepts that are specific to a particular target group and clearly geared towards the recipients are crucial for the success of change processes. Our range of services includes the definition of the strategic communication framework, the identification of target groups, media, time, channels, contents and responsibilities as well as the support of top management communication throughout all stages of the process.

By providing training and coaching, we ensure the success of change processes for our clients. We help to identify your individual training needs and support in conducting training courses as well as setting up and running change academies. Our services also include management assessments and coachings.

The overall goal: a high-performance organization

We have successfully supported numerous leading companies in their organizational development. In the end, the challenge is to continuously improve an organization's performance. In our experience, this can only be achieved effectively if all of the following dimensions are addressed: people, structures, processes and culture.

We would be pleased to support you in this way – we look forward to hearing from you.


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