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Operations Management and Production

Operations Management and Production

More than ever before, manufacturing companies are faced with the challenge of sustainably growing at a profit and having to deliver top performance in global competition. Constant cost pressure, continuous technological development and ever new customer requirements are forcing companies to adapt their production and logistics systems to volatile markets in ever shorter cycles. As a result, complexity usually grows disproportionately to sales. The mix of different internal and external drivers makes an optimal layout and design of the production system and the entire value chain a highly demanding task. A medium-term oriented, efficient production management, an adapted process organization and a corporate management that is geared towards sustainability are indispensable to an excellent organization.

Our broad expertise in various industries and depths of added value, as well as our experienced consultants enable us to provide the best possible support for your projects. Ranging from the design of the overall production strategy and the associated production networks to the organization and optimization of existing value creation systems to the increase of efficiency directly at the "place of action", the shop floor, we can help you implement your goals most effectively.

Production strategy & networks – Future-oriented market supply

Newly emerging markets, fundamentally changing product structures and technologies as well as company mergers lead to a continuous reshaping of supply chains. Against this background, the ability to create functioning networks and to navigate within such structures in a global context is becoming an elementary success factor for manufacturing companies.

When selecting the most suitable production systems, the production strategy deserves to be given particularly high priority. Whether production and technology portfolio, make-or-buy decisions, use of resources, supplier selection, sourcing strategy or logistics chain: in a professionally developed production strategy, all these areas are optimally aligned.

In numerous practical projects, we have been able to help manufacturing companies to develop the appropriate production strategy and redesign their value-added systems to become "fit for the future". Our tailor-made approach – combined with profound implementation skills – ensures maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Designing global networks to meet demand and operating them with the greatest possible efficiency is a challenge that many organizations do not adequately meet.

Production management – Optimal design of production and added value

In addition to a strict focus on corporate strategy, business model and product range, the value creation system must be designed in such a way that customer expectations in terms of quality, price, delivery times and service level in the individual markets are better met than by the competition.

The aim here is to achieve the internally set targets with regard to profitability, costs, capital commitment, capacity utilization etc. There is no generally valid, arbitrarily transferable standard production system. Every company is therefore required to select and adapt the "right" system according to its own specific circumstances.

The conversion of the classical vertically oriented functional structure into a horizontally oriented value stream structure includes, in addition to the optimal design of the information and material flows, the integration of production-related indirect functions, such as work preparation/IE, quality assurance, maintenance etc. into the corresponding value streams.

We use an approach that orchestrates the relevant areas of focus for the optimal design of value creation systems in such a way that an efficient interaction of the individual design elements – from production to SCM/logistics, IT and organization to the infrastructure (building) – is guaranteed.

LEAN Excellence – Efficiently orchestrating processes, people and machines

The sole focus on machines and surfaces does not lead to excellent companies nowadays. Instead, efficiently implementing corporate processes and integrating the people who perform them has become a central optimization task. Based on a clearly defined and communicated vision, LEAN Excellence pursues specific goals and, with the help of suitable (LEAN) principles, methods, procedures and practices, a company's resources are geared towards optimizing the creation of added value.

The success factors for LEAN Excellence are both clear and simple

  • Clear positioning and presence of the entire management team
  • Qualification, training and coaching of managers and employees
  • Step-by-step, well-planned procedures across all areas and levels
  • Active involvement of all employees
  • Ongoing review of what has been achieved and
  • Consistency in the correction of discrepancies

The basic LEAN action cycle PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) forms the basis of all procedures: manageable steps, taken consistently and – if necessary – with the courage to experiment. Efficient and sustainable shop floor management (SFM) puts management performance back in the foreground; the basis for this is the daily interaction between managers and employees in the context of short board meetings, at which employees are supported by managers in the problem-solving and improvement process. Adapted to the respective issue, the principles and methods of LEAN management such as SMED, TPM, 5S, Heijunka, KANBAN, Poka-Yoke, Jidoka, JIT/JIS, Value Stream Design support the optimization processes.

Our range of services – From top management to the shop floor

Our range of services in the area of Operations Management follows the overriding philosophy of TMG Consultants: providing support from top management to the shop floor. We assist our partners from alignment and design to optimization and organization through to implementation using a technically oriented project management approach.

As one of the leading consulting firms for the manufacturing industry – with in-depth industry-specific know-how and practical experience from a large number of customer projects optimizing global production, R&D and logistics networks – we are ideally equipped to support our customers in the strategic and market-driven enhancement of their networks and in ensuring optimal customer and market supply professionally and with sustained success. We are also your ideal partner when it comes to managing the often global value networks in a targeted and efficient manner.

We are happy to support you on this way – we look forward to hearing from you.

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