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Manufacturing companies are more than ever faced with the challenge of sustainably profitable growth and delivering top performance in global competition. Constant cost pressure, ongoing technological developments and ever-changing customer requirements, which permanently increase complexity and the demands on efficiency force companies to scrutinize their production and logistics systems at regular intervals and to improve them continually. However, the complex mix of different internal and external drivers makes the optimal dimensioning and design of production and the entire value creation system a highly sophisticated task.

Optimally designing production and value creation

In addition to a strict focus on corporate strategy, business model, product range and volumes, the value creation system must be designed in such a way that the customer expectations with regard to quality, price, delivery times, service level, reaction times etc. in the individual markets are better fulfilled than by the competition. At the same time, it is necessary to achieve the internally defined goals in terms of profitability, cost, capital commitment, utilization, etc.; and all this within the circumstances of an ever-changing environment and markets that are only difficult to predict.

We apply our integrative approach to orchestrate the relevant areas to accomplish an optimum design of value creation systems in such a way as to guarantee an efficient interplay of the individual elements – ranging from production to SCM/logistics, IT and organization through to infrastructure (building).

Sustainably improving the effectiveness of production systems

The production strategy and the selection of the right production systems are of paramount importance in optimizing the design of value-added systems. A generally applicable, freely transferable standard production system does not exist. Each company is therefore called upon to select and adapt the "right" system according to its specific corporate parameters.

The production strategy provides the framework. Whether manufacturing and technology portfolio, make-or-buy decisions, resource use, supplier selection, sourcing strategy or logistics chain: in a professionally developed production strategy all of these areas are optimally matched. In numerous practice projects, we have been able to help manufacturing companies become "fit for the future" by developing the right production strategy and redesigning their value-added systems. Our tailor-made approach – combined with profound implementation expertise – ensures that we can carry out projects of this type with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.


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