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Project management

Project management

The number, complexity and economic importance of activities carried out in the form of projects have grown steadily over time. Noticeably more demanding thus is also the challenge of controlling the multitude of projects efficiently and in a targeted manner. Any organization wanting to ensure a successful project portfolio must have its project management fully under control. In many manufacturing companies that is not the case. This is particularly true for projects with a global focus.

Mastering increasing project complexity

Even a seemingly stable project can get into a crisis for various reasons. Many companies are then faced with great difficulties in getting such projects back on track. Here, the following applies: The more complex the organization and the products and the larger the number of geographic locations involved in the project, the more challenging are the requirements that must be placed on a goal-oriented project management that rectifies the critical situation. Excellence in project management and a high level of professionalism in the management of resources are given an even higher priority in global projects.

Managing crises through tailor-made project management

The recovery project management developed by us especially for crisis-afflicted situations combines the strengths of classical and agile methods in a targeted manner. The approach allows for a consistent goal-oriented procedure. Clear structures and responsibilities ensure transparency and at the same time provide the basis for the consistent follow-up of the implemented measures. As several consulting projects have shown, this customized project management approach also allows companies that find themselves in a seriously precarious situation to be brought back into calmer waters.

Combined technical, IT and project management expertise

The fact that we can lead extremely difficult initiatives to success, we have proven in numerous projects. Also in IT. Extensive specialist and IT know-how combined with profound project management and social competence are the guarantor for bringing complex or critical IT projects back on track in an efficient manner. Together with our in-depth technical expertise, it is our strength of implementation that helps to ensure that the IT departments of our customers provide real added value contributions to the success of the company.

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