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Purchasing & digital sourcing

Purchasing & digital sourcing

Profit is made in purchasing. In order to fulfill the role of a significant profit-maker, purchasing managers must find the right answers to a number of urgent questions: How digitalized should the purchasing organization be in future? How and where can you buy cheaper both, in the short and in the long term? What changes are necessary in order to raise supplier performance to the required level? What needs to happen so that the buyer can act as a network manager between suppliers, development, quality, logistics and production? And: To what extent does the purchasing organization need to be adapted to ensure continued success in the future?

Becoming the No 1 profit-maker through an innovative approach

Based on our long-standing experience in the optimization of purchasing departments, we have developed a special procedure that enables manufacturing companies to make purchasing the No. 1 profit-winner, even in this age of increasing digitalization and networking. Using quantitative assessments, we have already been able to demonstrate to many of our customers which qualitative and quantitative success drivers have further potential for improvement and what would be required to realize these opportunities. Of course, we also actively participate in the realization of this potential, if desired.

Exploiting existing opportunities

The decisive factor in such projects are always the people. Especially in the implementation process, you need personnel with a trained eye for what is possible and what is not and which activities should be prioritized over others. Whether the objective is to create an even more effective purchasing organization, to raise efficiency in the supply chain or to reduce the cost of one single product sustainably: Our experts with their profound purchasing background in the automotive industry as well as in mechanical and plant engineering have the expertise and the specific experience that prove to be of invaluable support for manufacturing companies.

Accelerate the implementation process

An essential factor in the implementation process is time. Based on our own databases and modern analysis tools on material, production processes and procurement markets, our purchasing experts can substantially accelerate the implementation process for you.

Additional benchmarks on the organizational structure and processes also help shortening the path to increased efficiency. The final step to successful implementation is a consistent, professionally conducted project management

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