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Supplier Management

Supplier Management

Ensuring an optimal supply capacity on a long-term basis requires that the supply of purchased components is secured continuously. Where supply chains are becoming increasingly global, complex and interconnected, manufacturing companies are well advised to select their suppliers meticulously and highly professionally, to qualify them in a targeted manner and to conduct a comprehensive preventive risk assessment. Professional supplier development and a supplier management that is operated with the necessary rigor cannot entirely exclude the latent sourcing risks but indeed reduce them to a minimum.

Operational supplier qualification

Based on several years’ practical experience gained in numerous consulting projects involving supplier selection, qualification and managing suppliers on a day-to-day basis, we are well equipped to provide fast and competent advice to manufacturers of different sizes with their specific challenges in supplier management and supplier qualification. We know what is needed and what has proved successful in practice to raise supplier performance to the required standard. This also and particularly applies in global sourcing and in innovative sourcing projects.

Eliminating supply shortages long-term

We find weaknesses in the supply chain and create transparency, define the necessary optimization measures and – if the customer so wishes – also help with the operational implementation of these measures. In most cases, the focus is on fast implementation and assuring the required quality standards. Our services also include the expansion of production capacities, wherever this serves to guarantee supply and is deemed useful or necessary for the stability of the supply chain. Supply-related production losses are thus a problem of the past.

A supplier check specially developed by us ensures transparency in the optimization of the supply chain and leads to clear recommendations for supplier development. As part of the supplier qualification, we also assume quality management tasks in order to secure the standards reached. Reviews in the company and at supplier level help to identify weaknesses, in order to subsequently define measures for their elimination and implement them quickly.

Project management

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