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Supply Chain Management and Logistics

Supply Chain Management and Logistics

In today's complex and globalized value chain, the success of manufacturing companies depends more and more on efficient supply chain management and logistics. The competition of the future will increasingly be based on a superior value chain. The holistic and high-performance design and control of the supply chain & logistics will lay the foundation for success.


As a management consultancy for supply chain management and logistics, our support covers the following areas:

Areas of supply chain management and logistic management.


Develop market-driven end-to-end supply chain strategies, create high-performance networks and efficient structures

  • Supply chain segmentation
  • End-to-End supply chain configuration
  • Design & optimization of procurement and distribution networks
Supply Network Design
Marktkonforme end-to-end Supply Chain Strategie entwickeln, performante Netzwerke sowie effiziente Strukturen schaffen. Wir sind erfahrene Berater für Strategien im Supply Chain Design.

Developing an optimal end-to-end supply chain configuration and establishing efficient value chains based on it is the main task of Supply Chain Managers. After all, it is essential to optimally supply internal and external customers and to optimize an ever-expanding network.


Effectively establishing SCM as a corporate function, creating efficient processes and ensuring consistent planning and control

  • Analysis and configuration of SCM processes
  • Organizational design and transformation
  • Planning & control of the entire supply chain
Areas of supply chain management.

As experienced SCM consultants to the manufacturing industry, we know that effective supply chain management is based on a powerful organization with clearly defined responsibilities and appropriate skills, as well as efficient processes. Manufacturing companies can only meet the requirements for continuity and transparency in the supply chain if structures and processes are in harmony with each other, the necessary transparency is in place and planning and control have been designed consistently.


Ensure lean material flows and implement an ideal dimensioning of physical logistics at the site

  • Integrated logistics concepts
  • Lean material flow configuration
  • Logistics planning & implementation
  • Site logistics
Logistik Design
Schlanke Materialflüsse sicherstellen sowie eine ideale Dimensionierung der physischen Logistik am Standort realisieren. Als Logistikberatung analysiseren wir Potenziale und planen Lager sowie Materialflüsse.

As logistics consultants for companies in the manufacturing industry, we have been designing and implementing operative logistics facilities for over 30 years. Together with our customers, we exploit existing opportunities to ensure an optimum and efficient delivery to internal and external customers. The integration of requirements from procurement, production and distribution as well as the presentation of lean material flows and the correct dimensioning of storage capacities is an important fundamental task. This requires an integrated and prudent approach in the development of logistics concepts, material flow design and subsequent warehouse planning through to efficient implementation.

In an interview with LOGISTIK HEUTE editor-in-chief Thilo Jörgl, Prof. Dr. Claus-Burkard Böhnlein from the Faculty of Economics at Coburg University and Dieter Krockauer, Head of Innovation & Technology, SCM Automotive, Continental AG, report on the contents of the TMG Consultants SCM 4.0 study.


Leverage the power of digital transformation, interconnectivity and automation to increase flexibility, efficiency and service levels within supply chain management and logistics.

  • Maturity assessment & identification of opportunities
  • Development of an SCM & Logistics Roadmap 4.0
  • System and technology deployment analysis
Supply Chain- & Logistik-Management 4.0
Die Möglichkeiten der Digitalen Transformation, Vernetzung und Automatisierung nutzen, um Flexibilität, Effizienz und Servicegrad innerhalb von Supply Chain Management und Logistik zu steigern. Wir sind eine SCM Consulting und entwickeln Strategien für die Digitale Transformation der Supply Chain und Logistik.

Supply chain management that takes advantage of the opportunities offered by increasing digitalization and integration in industry is characterized by higher efficiency, a sustained increase in performance and greater customer benefits. We provide answers on SCM 4.0 location identification, strategy development, the correct use of systems and technology and develop an SCM and Logistics 4.0 Roadmap especially tailored to your organization.


Increase service level and logistics performance, reduce costs and inventories and manage performance

  • Programs to increase efficiency & service level
  • Inventory optimization
  • Performance management
Enhancing scm performance.

Integrated performance management using the key performance indicators efficiency, service level, inventories and quality is a final key area of focus. As an experienced consulting partner, we support you in identifying the 'right' levers and develop programs to increase efficiency and service levels, reduce supply chain costs and optimize inventories. In addition, we support you in the introduction of performance management systems.


Based on many years of experience and profound expertise, we, as management consultants for supply chain management and logistics, have already accompanied numerous leading companies in the manufacturing industry on their way into the future and helped them to develop the right answers to the fundamental challenges of high-performance supply chain management and efficient logistics. We would be happy to support you – we look forward to hearing from you.