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Value Analysis

Value Analysis

Diverse technological and social trends are incessantly driving innovation dynamics in the manufacturing industry further forward. However, with the structures and processes currently being used in innovation and development management, the challenges resulting from this dynamic are hardly possible to manage. For companies, it is therefore almost a matter of survival to establish a powerful, goal-oriented innovation process or to examine existing innovation processes with regard to their performance and adapt them where this is required. A failure to do so leads to additional attractive market opportunities remaining untapped.

Leading corporations have long used innovation management as a driver of their company strategy. Based on our many years of experience in technology and innovation management as well as in product strategy, we have developed a procedure that helps manufacturing companies to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in the use of technology and to develop new products. This holistic approach begins with the identification of key weaknesses in technology and innovation management and supports product development with a combination of tried and tested processes, methods and tools – from strategy to implementation. The technologies used in the value creation process are systematically examined. On request, we also support the implementation of the developed solution concepts.

Focusing on the optimization of product value

When developing new or improving existing products, interesting ways to optimize product costs are often overlooked: Unexploited potential from superfluous functions and over-specification is not recognized; not enough attention is paid to possible unique selling points compared to the competition. A special approach, which is aimed at the optimization of the product value, provides the remedy. The aim is to meet customer expectations at a marketable price and at competitive cost. We achieve this by consistently focusing on product functions and their costs. A specially developed set of methods helps us to determine the value and cost drivers, to identify existing potential for improvement and generate as well as evaluate alternatives with regard to the optimum product value.


Neue Ausgabe TMG INSIGHTS 04: "Innovationsmanagement"

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