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Innovation management

Innovation management

Innovation management ensures tomorrow's corporate success today

Technological and social trends are continually driving innovation dynamics in the manufacturing industry. Efficient and target-oriented innovation processes are therefore of paramount importance for corporate success. Our mission is to build up and expand an efficient innovation pipeline for our customers in the manufacturing industry – to ensure the sustained prosperity of the business.

Innovation management: the heart of corporate strategy

Many leading companies have long used innovation management as a driver of corporate strategy. Based on our many years of experience in technology and innovation management as well as in product strategy, we have developed a successful approach. This helps manufacturing companies to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in the use of technology and the successful development of new products.

This holistic approach begins with uncovering key weaknesses in technology and innovation management. At the same time, our method supports product development with a combination of tried and tested processes, methods and tools. This ensures an integrated perspective from strategy to implementation. Our consultants take a systematic look at the technologies used in the value creation process. On request, we will also support you in the implementation of the solution strategies that have been developed.

Innovations und Entwicklungsstrategie
Plattform- und baukastenmanagement
Value Engineering

Innovation management for the manufacturing industry

Managing innovation involves more than the development and implementation of ideas. Innovations are the driving force behind the further development of an existing product portfolio, the opening up of new markets, new business models and the satisfaction of current and future customer needs. It is therefore essential to manage innovations systematically, from the initial idea to development and market launch. Innovation management is more than just designing the innovation process: it encompasses a company's innovation capability, links business processes with the innovation pipeline, ensures performance through innovation controlling and thus guarantees long-term innovation success.

Innovationsmanagement – TMG Consultants

Innovation and development strategy

Many years of experience enable us to support our customers in all aspects of innovation management. Starting with the appropriate alignment of an innovation process, we accompany manufacturing companies in the development of an individually tailored innovation strategy.

In doing so,

  • the integration and
  • interaction with the existing product portfolio
  • as well as the sustainable expansion and
  • development of consistently successful products

for new markets must be taken into account.

All this is achieved in line and interrelation with corporate strategy.

Innovationsmanagement – TMG Consultants

Ideas management

Once the strategic guidelines for the development of new products have been set, companies must generate one of the most important ingredients of successful innovation: ideas. The principle of early trade-off applies right from the idea. The better the quality and the clearer the idea, the better the product to be developed.

We help you to create a culture of innovation that increases the effectiveness and quantity of your ideas on the one hand and creates a sustainable increase in the quality of your ideas and the efficiency with which they are generated on the other.

As innovation consultants, we know how to accompany you in exploiting all the potential of your company to generate the right ideas. Together, we give structure to your ideas and compare them with markets and trends so that already the starting point forms a structural part of the innovation process.

Innovationsmanagement – TMG Consultants

Technology management

Just as important as the idea for an innovative product is the technology behind its realization. In order to be able to offer competitive products, it is a central task for companies in the manufacturing industry to integrate developments of the technological environment into their own value creation. This is the only way to increase one' s innovative capacity.

For over 30 years we have been optimizing the use of technology in the development process for our customers. Through additional technology screening and scouting, we also ensure that our customers always use state-of-the-art technology or actively develop it further. In this way, we regularly ensure that our clients are and remain market and technology leaders in their respective industries.

Innovationsmanagement – TMG Consultants

Platform and modular management

Against the background of the dynamic development of markets, technology and competition, we consider the increased focus on innovation projects to be indispensable. This is the only way to develop concepts that offer sufficient freedom and at the same time make decision-making possible.

It is characteristic for this approach to combine product innovations with a modular or platform strategy. This concept is particularly interesting for companies with a large number of product variants in their product range. As a result of the different variants, these are exposed to many potential risks and imponderables.


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"Den Hebel R&D richtig bedienen"

Das Spannungsfeld der Herausforderungen, vor denen die R&D-Bereiche produzierender Unternehmen zurzeit stehen, ist sehr stark von Unsicherheit und Ungewissheit geprägt. Ob Märkte, Technologien, Kundenanforderungen oder Wettbewerbskonstellationen: Was als Entwicklungsleitlinie heute noch gültig ist, kann morgen schon ganz anders aussehen und in zwei, drei Jahren völlig überholt sein. Für die Produktentwicklung bedeutet dies: Sie muss durchgängig schneller und flexibler werden, um auf kurzfristige Änderungen in den Rahmenbedingungen kundenorientiert reagieren zu können. Und: Sie muss Vorkehrungen treffen, die ihr bei der Entwicklung komplexer Produkte bzw. neuer Produktgenerationen helfen, die Unsicherheitssituation auf ein beherrschbares Maß zu reduzieren. ...  // Zum Artikel

In our experience, platform and modular strategies are often a very attractive option for effectively mitigating the risks of product inherent and life cycle uncertainties.

Portfolio design

The design of the product portfolio is particularly important in two respects. The active further development of the current portfolio in breadth and depth allows us to penetrate existing markets in terms of horizontal value creation. At the same time, there are opportunities for the vertical and lateral expansion of sales markets and the development of new target groups. Both aspects serve to secure the long-term success of the company.

Systematic innovation management can create synergies within your own portfolio. These have a positive influence on the efficiency, performance and quality of the entire product portfolio and strengthen your competitive position.

In addition, the structured design of the product portfolio also serves to close gaps or eliminate “blind spots” in the portfolio. The company thus creates potential for organic further development of the existing product portfolio. In this way, both existing and new customers can be addressed.

Innovationsmanagement – TMG Consultants

Value Engineering

When developing new or improving existing products, one often overlooks interesting possibilities for optimizing product costs: Potentials arising from unnecessary functions and over-specifications are not recognized or too little attention is paid to possible distinguishing features from the competition. The result: innovations and products lose profitability.

Innovationsmanagement – TMG Consultants

This is remedied by value engineering, which focuses on optimizing the product value. The aim of value engineering is to meet customer expectations at a competitive price and cost. We achieve this by consistently focusing on product functions and their costs. Our specially developed set of methods not only helps you to determine your value and cost drivers and identify existing improvement potential, but also generates and evaluates alternatives with regard to achieving optimum product value.

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